As well as using the comments section on each page I’m more than happy for people to get in touch with me via email.

I’d particularly appreciate:

Feedback on the site itself – any fixes and tweaks that you feel would make for a better experience.

Errors and mistakes – There are no doubt facts, figures and other information that are incorrect and I’d appreciate any heads-up you can give me.

Designer and Artist information – There are many posters in the collection for which I have no details on the designer and/or artist. I’m very keen to give credit where possible so please get in touch if you have any information to help with this.

Do you have an online film poster collection you’d like to share? – email me with the link and details and I’ll add it to my links section.

The only thing I’d ask is that no emails are sent asking to purchase any of the posters. They are not for sale and hopefully never will be.

The email to get in touch is: Eddie [at]