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Camera Buff / B1 / Poland


Poster Poster

A striking image by Polish designer Andrzej Krauze on this country of origin poster for legendary director Krzysztof Kieslowski‘s Camera Buff. The film was the first of Kieslowski’s films to prove successful outside of Poland and went on to win the grand prize at the Moscow Film Festival.

The film is set in Wielice in late 1970s Communist Poland and focuses on a factory worker Filip Mosz (Jerzy Stuhr) whose acquisition of an 8mm camera to film his newborn daughter sees him being approached by the local party leaders. He is asked to film an upcoming conference and before long he is submitting work into local film festivals and hanging around with other film-making enthusiasts. Will Filip’s new found success prove to be at the expense of his family life?

The film is described as being an exploration of censorship in Communist Poland and its repression of the individual’s expression of his observations.

Andrzej Krauze is, I believe, currently living in London (he moved here in 1987) and has worked as a designer, illustrator and satirical cartoonist for several decades. His work has been published in countless newspapers, including the Guardian, The Times and the Independent. A biography can be read here. A gallery of some of his political cartoons is on the Guardian website.