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Last weekend a new website was launched that is dedicated to arguably the best, and certainly one of the most prolific, British poster artists of all time, the great Tom Chantrell. Whilst there are several ‘big’ titles Chantrell is known for, including the iconic Star Wars artwork that was used around the world and the brilliant quad for One Million Years B.C., his long career saw him illustrate what is thought to be close to 800 pieces of finished art. His brilliant designs and painting added immeasurably to a plethora of sci-fi, horror and exploitation posters, and his gift for selling a film with one exciting, dynamic image can not be denied.

The website has been put together with the full cooperation and blessing of Tom’s family, including his widow Shirley, and features an utterly brilliant biography written by Tom’s friend Sim Branaghan, the author of the essential book British Film Posters: An Illustrated History. It offers the chance to buy original artwork, reference materials and original posters in fantastic, often rolled condition (just like I like ’em!) and will be updated regularly with new material.

I realise that this may come across as a bit of a sales pitch but I can assure you I’m not affiliated in any way with the site and am not being given any kind of back-hander or discount for posting this. I think the site deserves all the support it can get since it will continue to showcase and highlight Chantrell’s wonderful work, plus the financial benefits will be seen by his family directly.

The address is:

Below is an image taken from the biography page of Tom posing for a reference photo:

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