Halloween / quad / Marler Haley / UK


The Babysitter Murders (USA - working title) | Halloween: la notte delle streghe [The night of the witches] (Italy)
Year of Film
John Carpenter
Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Kyes, P.J. Soles, Charles Cyphers, Kyle Richards, Brian Andrews, John Michael Graham, Nancy Stephens
Origin of Film
Genre(s) of Film
Type of Poster
Style of Poster
Marler Haley
Origin of Poster
Year of Poster
Size (inches)
30" x 40 2/16"
SS or DS
The trick was to stay alive.

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  1. Author
    Posted by Ryan
    Date Posted
    on 3 July 2011

    For a Halloween nut like myself i can honestly say i’ve never seen this poster before.
    It’s amazingly awful yet bizarrely brilliant.

  2. Author
    Posted by eddie
    Date Posted
    on 3 July 2011

    I hadn’t seen it myself until I bought it about two years ago. There are a few other films released around the same time that had this bizarre montage style, one being Escape to Victory. I think it must have been printed for certain cinemas only?

  3. Author
    Posted by Steve Moore
    Date Posted
    on 1 April 2012

    Great site you have here,and nice to see that I get a mention in your interview with Sim! thought that you might like to add to your description of this quad that it is a Marler Haley Quad and would have come with a set of four different but similarly coloured Double Crowns. These were all displayed in Odeon foyers along with the main Quad on a special standee provided by the Marler Haley company. They are long forgotten these days as most were thrown away. They were not advertised in the press books of the day, but in a seperate advertising booklet known as a “seat selling guide”.

  4. Author
    Posted by eddie
    Date Posted
    on 3 April 2012

    Hi Steve, I’m glad to hear you like the site and that you’re happy to have been mentioned in the Sim interview. I still see him every other week or so and I’ll pass on your regards, if you like?

    Would you mind if I add your explanation of this poster to the page? I had been told that it was a Marler Haley but your description is excellent added detail.